Each of our staff are full-time missionaries who passionately carry Pillar's core values. Each one of them are unique and gifted in their own ways. Feel free to e-mail them any questions or words of encouragement you may have as they would love to hear from you!


Angela Tracy

Wellspring Administration

"Lord, what are You doing on the earth and how can I be of service?"

~ J. Hudson Taylor (1832-1905)

Today our prayer is the same; “Lord, what are you doing and how can we help?” Rather than starting something new, Pillar's ambition since the very beginning has been to partner with God where He is already moving. Therefore our mission is;

To promote unity throughout the body of Christ by serving ministries and churches already faithfully building God’s Kingdom across the world.

Primarily a missions organization, we aim to accomplish this by commissioning full-time missionaries dedicated to supporting ministries that are in need of extra hands, heart, and vision to bring fruition the words and works God has prepared for them.

Contact us at: Info@PillarNE.com