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Our Missionary Care department is one of our most important. Those who volunteer as staff work with our Missionaries making sure they are cared for on the field and off of the field. 


As a MCF, your job will be to maintain communication with one to several missionaries on the field. You will also keep an eye out for their needs and be a communicator for them to their home churches and the Pillar Community. 

This is a volunteer position that is done on your own schedule and time. 

To be a Pillar Missionary, you must complete our extensive application process. We make sure that each missionary we send out is trained and capable of living a Kingdom lifestyle that lines up with our Core Values. 

As a Pillar Missionary, you will be connected with different ministries local or global, for the purpsose of giving counsel, training and equipping, working alongside leaders, and helping create an environment of love and community. 

This is a full time position. You will be partnered with a Missionary Care Faculty member. The MCF takes specific care of those who are being sent out. 

Time off of the field will include a time or rest and recooperation, network speaking and teaching, personal counsel and preperation for the next season on the field. 

Pillar Externs are those who are not quit yet ready to be sent out as a full time missioary with us. We connect you with one of our Externship Sites and help guide you as you take your first steps into being fully prepared for the mission field. 

Based on our interview with you, we will work out a stragtegic plan for your continued growth on the mission field. 

You will be given an evaluation to determine your growth and copetency on the mission field. 

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