Pillar Externships

Pillar Externships exist for those who desire to gain experience and mature prior to becoming a Pillar Missionary. These externships give you hands-on experience with different ministries we have relationship with, allowing you to begin your process with us as a missionary, while also serving solid leaders who will invest in your future as a missionary. 


After you submit your application for our Externship program, we will interview you to get to know you better and talk about the different places we could send you to be trained. Our heart is that by sending you to a established ministry, you will learn the basics of mission work while also aiding and supporting the ministry at hand. 

Contact us for more information on applying for our Externships!

Externship Partners

Our Externship Partners are those who have, over the years, shown themselves to be established and recognized by the regional body of Christ. These are ones we have grown in relationship with and have seen real fruit produced by these wonderful organizations. All the ministries Pillar participates with is preimenantly relational, meaning we will only send you to trusted friends and colleagues. 

The Art of Worship is a local Externship with some of our very own Pillar Staff. This Externship focuses on the creative arts in ministry and kingdom living. 


Within this Externship, you will look at the union between body, soul, and spirit and the expression of your own creative giftings to be taken to a greater level.  

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Encounter is a local church expression in Lennoxville Quebec dedicated to specifically serving the students of Bishops University. 

Interns who participate at Encounter participate in their discipleship program as well as their regular outreaches.  Click on the logo for more info. 

The Wellspring School has two campuses:

Wellspring Quebec

& Wellspring New England

Wellspring School of the Kingdom is a one year school that builds up believers to live a transformed life, cultured by the Kingdom of Heaven.

We have fully partnered with SHOP since our beginning in 2012. They offer worship leader and intercessory training within the context of house of prayer ministry. Annette Tuttle is a fabulous leader who invests into this house.

Coastlands Consultants works itinerantly throughout the North East of the US, ministering primarily in Christian Schools. Many of the Pillar Ministries founders have worked and were trained by the wonderful Dr. Pam Brady. 

Contact us at: Info@PillarNE.com